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Leveraging our global supply chain knowledge, we streamline your operations for expanded growth. Partnering with us means navigating international trade complexities with ease, leading to enhanced efficiency savings.

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At Soleil, we make things easier and more affordable for brands focusing on international growth. By smoothing out the supply chain and creating valuable partnerships between customers, distributors, vendors and Brands, we ensure that everyone realizes benefits from our approach to redistribution. We want your business to thrive and support you to make that happen.

From our modest beginnings to our expansion across Europe, we aim to simplify the complex world of international trade and supply chain management for our partners. Our team is dedicated to refining the supply process, removing obstacles, and reducing costs. This lets you focus on your growth targets with the peace of mind that your supply chain is handled by a team that has a history of making things happen.

Our strategy is focused on directly and pragmatically addressing supply chain challenges. As we step into each new market, we bring our solutions-oriented approach, breaking down obstacles that might block your progress. This proactive way of working has allowed us to build strong, enduring relationships with our partners, centered around trust and collective success.

Our Success Stories

Streamlining Your Supply Chain with Expert Redistribution

Navigate the complexities of foodservice distribution with ease. Soleil Foodservice's Redistribution service simplifies your operations, allowing for more efficient inventory management, reduced transportation costs, and faster delivery times. Partner with us to enhance the reliability and efficiency of your supply chain, ensuring your products are where they need to be, precisely when they need to be there.

"Partnering with Soleil Foodservice was a game-changer for our business. Their expertise in redistribution not only saved us costs but also enhanced our operational efficiency, allowing us to focus on what we do best - baking delicious treats."

Maria Gonzalez

Owner, Bella's Bakery

Your Strategic Advantage

Supply Chain Optimization:

We centralize our inventory management to streamline operations and cut costs. By aligning our stock commitments across the board, we minimize expenses that would otherwise be passed on to customers if products remain unsold.

Negotiating Power:

We provide purchasing groups with the ability to negotiate better pricing. Through large volume purchasing, we work with vendors to produce in optimal volumes. This allows us to either secure higher-quality products for the same price or negotiate better pricing for the same quality.

Efficient Ordering Strategies:

Ordering in larger quantities and less frequently helps us optimize transportation logistics. Full truckloads and containers are more cost-effective than smaller shipments, leading to significant savings per unit.

Ensuring Availability:

We increase the frequency and consistency of inbound shipments to ensure products are always available. This strategy minimizes the impact of unexpected demand fluctuations in specific markets, ensuring a steady supply chain.

Optimizing Inventory Dynamics:

We find the balance between order frequency and size to minimize warehouse costs while ensuring products are readily available. This also reduces lead times, improving overall stock availability.

Cash Flow Management:

We structure payment terms to accommodate both suppliers' and customers' cash flow needs. This ensures suppliers are paid according to their preferences while allowing customers to maintain minimal stock investments with consistent payment terms.

Flexible Response Strategies:

Our system allows us to quickly adapt to changing market conditions. Whether it's responding to new market opportunities or sudden promotions, we can adjust without incurring expensive rush delivery costs.

Price Stability:

We aim to maintain stable pricing over extended periods, reducing administrative costs associated with frequent price adjustments. This also allows for better long-term planning and budgeting.

Continuous Improvement Initiatives:

We're constantly seeking ways to optimize our supply chain, such as relocating warehouses for better freight efficiency and collaborating with suppliers to improve packaging and shipping methods.

Centralized Freight Management:

By consolidating freight management, we can efficiently allocate transportation resources to different routes, ensuring cost-effective and reliable delivery operations.